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Lotto Bonus Number


  • Purchase as a single pad or as a box of 40 pads
  • 40 tickets per pad
  • Each ticket has a hidden number 1-40
  • Packs contain a mix of colours red, yellow, purple, green, and blue


Whether you're syncing up with the weekly Lotto draw or creating your own suspenseful event, it's time to let fate take the wheel. Will your lucky number be drawn as the bonus?


Hidden behind break-open tabs, each ticket holds its own lucky number from 1 to 40.


Perforation between each ticket for effortless tearing and there's plenty of space to scribble down your club's name and the all-important draw date.


Ready to turn those tickets into cash? Get creative with your pricing strategy. Whether you're aiming for a modest prize or a jackpot, these tickets are your golden opportunity to fundraise and bring some suspense you crowd.


Sell your tickets, with what works for your crowd. Examples might be:

Sell 40 tickets @ $5 per ticket = $200

Prize = $50

Profit = $150


Sell 40 tickets @ $10 per ticket = $400

Prize = Sponsored product

Profit = $400


Pro tip: Keep track of those serial numbers and draw dates for easy verification of winners – because when it comes to raffles, transparency is key!

Lotto Bonus Numbers

Excluding Sales Tax
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