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Half the joy of playing housie lies in manually marking off numbers on your tickets with special ink. We prefer to call the dabbers, but you may hear them called bingo pens, housie markers, daubers, dabbers or even dottters. Bingo dabbers are an absolute essential for any bingo event! A dabber resembles a small plastic bottle with a rounded tip that creates a neat circle when pressed onto paper. It's not just about aesthetics; when the numbers start rolling in, the sponge base of the dabber helps you swiftly mark each called number without the fuss of crossing out with a regular pen. But these markers do more than just mark numbers. They enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, turning a game of bingo into a colourful, engaging activity. Our range of bingo dabbers adds flair to your games with non-smearing, fast-drying ink that comes in a array of vibrant colours. The colour-coordinated caps and sleeves make it easy for players to distinguish between colours at a glance. Whether you're playing one game or a marathon session, our dabbers keep the ink consistently fresh with secure lids, ensuring they're always ready for action. And it's not just about bingo; these versatile dabbers can add a splash of colour to artwork too, making them a practical tool for all ages. Comfortable to hold and built to last, they're the perfect companion for your bingo tickets. So, enhance your bingo experience with our range of bingo dabbers – functional, fun, and essential for every game night!

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