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Get ready to dive into the world of bingo with our Housie Game Books! Every page marks a new adventure. Picture this: someone shouts "bingo!" and you flip to the next page for another thrilling round. These books are packed with either 6 tickets per page (6up) or 12 tickets per page (12up), neatly perforated for easy tearing. Whether you're feeling lucky with one ticket or aiming big with all 12, the choice is yours! That's a whole lot of housie fun! Our books follow a rainbow journey through green, yellow, orange, blue, and pink pages. Each colour not only adds a splash of excitement but also helps you keep track of which game you're playing next. Every ticket boasts a unique number combination. A complete series of 12,000 tickets, each one a distinct winner waiting to be uncovered. No duplicates here! For added convenience, each game book is labeled with sequential book numbers for easy sales tracking, serial numbers for security, and verification codes for electronic calling equipment. It's bingo made brilliant, from start to finish!

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