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  • 6 means 6 tickets (5 x 5 squares) per page
  • One bundle contains 50 books
  • Each book contains 10 pages
  • Each page has a different colour border to identify each game


Available in either:

  • Single Number in a line (orange start). A full series contains 7,500 tickets.
  • Double number in a line (blue start). A full series contains 9,000 tickets.


American Bingo brings a fresh take on the classic game, breaking away from the traditional 90-ball format, and uses numbers 1-75 instead. With a 5x5 grid and "BINGO" boldly printed across the top, each letter corresponds to a column for easy calls.


Win with various patterns including lines, crosses, squares, corners or even letters/patterns of your choice. Communicate your chosen pattern before the game. Our single-use paper tickets ensure hassle-free play with dabbers or chips.


Available in 1ON, 2ON, 3ON, 4ON, 6ON, 9ON, 15ON and 18ON, which refers to the number of tickets (5 x 5 squares) on a page.


All tickets are serial numbered, to guarantee accuracy and validation of winners.

6on Books 1-75 (Bundle of 50 books)

Excluding Sales Tax
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