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1 set = 1,000 tickets


Forget waiting for the next number call in this instant bingo breakopen ticket. Just crack it open and start playing!


It's the ultimate halftime thrill, perfect for bingo nights or fundraisers where everyone gets a break from calling out numbers.


Even if luck isn't on your side, the excitement builds as you mark off your numbers, hoping to uncover that winning combination.


**How It Works:**

Sell 1,000 tickets at $2 each. Players open their tickets and mark off their numbers against the bingo numbers listed at the top.


Each set includes:

  • 2 winners of $200
  • 4 winners of $50
  • 5 winners of $20
  • 20 winners of $10
  • 100 winners of $4


Financial Breakdown:

  • Total ticket sales: $2,000
  • Prize payout: $1,300
  • Profit: $700


And for added security, each set has a unique serial number.

Red Hot Bingo

Excluding Sales Tax
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