Singles / Jackpots / Mini Supers


**Due to Covid-19 and supply issues, our single tickets are now printed in Australia. They are printed on the same weight paper as the previous style**


1 Bundle = 4 Pads = 6,000 individual tickets / 1,000 Sheets

  • Note: 1 pad = 1,500 individual tickets / 250 sheets


2 Bundles in the same colour will give you a full series 1-12,000


All pads are serial numbered for record keeping


Purchase sets as individual colours, or multi colour packs (colours in multi colour pack may vary)


1 Bundle of Single Colour Tickets will give you 4 pads - these 4 pads will all have the same serial number. This is the best option for record keeping. 

1 Bundle of Multi Colour Tickets will give you 4 pads - these 4 pads will each have a DIFFERENT serial number. 

Single Tickets

  • Full Sheet of 6 = 112mm (width) x 226mm (height)
    1 Single Ticket = 112mm (width) x 37mm (height)

Prices exclude GST