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1 Set (50 raffles of 35 tickets)


A fun mini raffle. 

All possible 4 number permutations of the numbers 1-7 are included in each set.

Draw 4 numbers between 1-7. Regarding all 35 tickets have been sold, you will have 1 winner. 


Sell your tickets, with what works for your crowd. Examples might be:

Sell 35 tickets @ $5 per ticket = $175

Prize = $50

Profit = $125*


Sell 35 tickets @ $10 per ticket = $350

Prize = Sponsored product

Profit = $350*

*Minus cost of tickets and delivery*


Pro tip: Keep track of those serial numbers and draw dates for easy verification of winners – because when it comes to raffles, transparency is key!


Serial numbered for security.

Super 7's

Excluding Sales Tax
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